The first Argentine Congress of Philosophy was held at the National University of Cuyo in Mendoza on March 30, 1949.

For eleven days, some of the greatest philosophers of the world from Europe, the United States of America and Latin America participated and engaged in philosophical debates. Seventy years later, we acknowledge many of those participants as influential representatives of the contemporary philosophical thinking in the entire Western world. This recognition of their worth entails the need to reenact several of their presentations with the aim of disseminating their thinking and awakening a vocation in the young who are interested in philosophy as critical consciousness.

The mission of a state-run University as a miniature democracy implies not only to train the young and to conduct research to contribute to national technological and scientific development, but also to recover the patrimony and to preserve the national, Latin American and universal culture.

Therefore, our best tribute to the seventy years that have elapsed since the First National Congress of Philosophy is to organize a new Congress, as we believe that philosophy arises from the problems encountered in every period of time and situation. Many things have changed in the contemporary world and new problems require new solutions for the new political, economic, and scientific and technological scenarios in order to promote peace and justice in the world.